Ron Paul for Republican Candidate for President

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The reason I like this candidate, actually there are several, but the major one is that he accurately sees the unsustainable efforts of the wars we are fighting and realizes that we should NEVER have been in Iraq to begin with, seeing that there was NO al qaeda there until we made the incursion.

His presidency would allow our brave fighters to return home pronto…unfortunately the media is blacklisting him and does not make any mention of his name.

He has also called for the fed to be audited and scrutinized. These two reasons alone should usher him into winning primaries across the United States and give President Obama a real run for his incumbent money.

Jon Stewart did a great job of calling out the liberal and neocon main stream media and here is the clip from youtube…there indeed is hilarity in truth!

Let’s see if the main stream media has enough muscle to extend this blacklist of Ron Paul for republican nominee as he maintains his momentum and even wins a few states that were not expected…ah, if only!

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  1. Felton Yballe Says:

    Congrats to Barack Obama for being re-elected, he is really a great president. ‘

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  2. Felisha Zilliox Says:

    Pres Obama and 12 Republican senators have what is described as convivial dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington; it raises difficult questions about how effective new administration campaign to woo Republicans will be and whether Obama can bridge gap between two parties that remain deeply divided over fundamental questions of policy and role of government; lawmakers say Obama is not going to change ideologies.`

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